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    KRION® baths have many qualities:

    - The relaxing side: Taking a bath is undoubtedly a moment of relaxation. And with the silky soft texture of the Solid surface, relaxation is even more pleasant.

    - The practical side: In many circumstances the bathtub becomes almost indispensable, whether it is for washing your pet or for a small child. Don't forget, sometimes it's good to relax in a nice bath!

    - The design: Rectangular, oval, round, free-standing or angled; the KRION® solid surface bathtub becomes a decorative element in its own right. If you have a large bathroom or a large master suite, you can integrate the bathtub into your design with an island bathtub that will enhance your space.

    - Added value: A bathtub in a bathroom is often a plus and increases the value of your property.

    What is the Krion® ?

    Krion® is a material developed by System Pool, a company of the Porcelanosa Group. This material is made from 3 components, the main one being natural stone dust which allows it to resemble real natural stones such as granite, marble or quartz. This stone dust is mixed with acrylic resin, which is what gives Krion® solid surface its unique advantages. Finally, to obtain a solid surface with a different colour, a small percentage of colour pigment is added to these two components.

    Krion® properties

    Krion® is today an essential material in the world of bathrooms, ideal for the manufacture of washbasins, furniture or shower trays, it is also used to design baths.

    Anti-slip material

    Getting out of the bath can be difficult and dangerous. Krion® solid surface bathtubs are equipped with an anti-slip surface that prevents any risk of falls, which could be serious for people with reduced mobility or for young children.

    Antibacterial material

    Krion® is a non-porous and anti-fungal material. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it is particularly suitable for wet rooms such as the bathroom, a room where micro-organisms are very present.

    An intense whiteness

    The solid surface bathtubs are available in white to bring purity and a bright appearance to your home.

    Fire resistance

    Krion® products are highly resistant to fire. In fact, they can be considered completely fireproof, as indicated in UNE-EN 13 501, a standard that classifies construction materials. It is classified as B S1 D0 y B1, which means that it reacts little to the presence of fire and does not allow fires to spread.

    An ecological product

    Krion® is one of the only materials used in the manufacture of baths that can be recycled and reused. Systempool, a subsidiary of the Porcelanosa Group, is very committed to CSR and to preserving our environment, their values are the same as those of Vascoplan. Zero waste is applied during the entire production process for all Krion® models. Then the products at the end of their life are also treated in order to manufacture new models.

    Easy maintenance

    With Krion® your bathtub has never been so easy to maintain, because a simple wipe with a sponge is enough to remove the marks left by your visit to the bath. If your bathtub is marked, it can be easily restored to its original appearance with the krion® maintenance kit.

    Low weight

    Solid surface is lighter than natural stone such as granite, marble, porcelain or other building materials. This is due to its much lower density. Your bathtub is lighter, and much easier to install.

    An invisible joint

    With Solid Surface, enjoy a bathtub without any visible joints. With the action of a two-component glue developed with the same formula used to manufacture the solid surface, it is possible to make glues that will make the joint invisible and non-porous. There is therefore NO possibility for bacteria and fungi to take hold.

    A bath at your room temperature

    Krion® is also known to have a low thermal conductivity, thus contributing to the energy efficiency of the room in which it is installed. Imagine a bathtub with edges that are at the same temperature as your room, it makes your relaxation time all the more enjoyable!

    Good resistance and durability

    Baths made of Krion® are resistant to pressure and various shocks or impacts. These qualities are appreciated because they facilitate their transport and installation. Krion® solid surface is also known for its anti-UV standards and, above all, for being a repairable material.

    The different types of Krion® bathtubs

    The Vascoplan catalogue presents a multitude of Krion® brand bathtubs. The possibilities are numerous and adaptable to all your desires: island, rectangular, oval, white... the most difficult thing will be to make your choice to sublimate your bathroom!

    The technical characteristics of Krion®

    The certificates

    Krion® products have various certificates, including :

    ● Greenguard Gold and Class A+ Labe l: meets indoor air quality standards for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

    ● NSF (National Science Foundation: it is safe and can be in direct contact with all types of food without any health risk

    ● Bisphenol A [BPA]: does not contain Bisphenol A in its chemical composition

    ● REACH: does not consist of any substances of very high concern [SVHC] [Substances of Very High Concern for Authorisation].

    ● Declares: the chemicals used in the manufacture of Krion® are included in the Red List Building Materials

    This list is not exhaustive, but gives you an overview of the main characteristics of this material.

    Krion®: for which projects, which sectors?

    Because Krion® meets various standards and certifications in terms of hygiene, health, safety, durability and engineering, it is currently used in a wide range of sectors. These include, for example transport, hotels, health care, industry and catering.
    Its resistance to humidity and its elegant design also make it very popular with private individuals in high-end bathrooms.


    So if you want a modern, designer bathroom that is extremely easy to clean, you will be impressed by the special features of Krion®.