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    The success of CORIAN® is due to its unique characteristics which allow it to be cut, thermoformed, drilled and transformed into all possible shapes.
    Its qualities are now attracting a growing number of individuals and professionals. It has the advantage of being :

    - Solid: CORIAN® is resistant to shocks, to contact with acids, to detergents and does not stain very much. It can also be easily repaired and sanded to look like new.

    - Design: Thanks to the possibility of different finishes such as matt, satin and gloss or the hundred of colours it offers and the absence of visible joints, CORIAN® allows you to carry out projects without limits!

    - Hygienic: CORIAN® is non-porous, so it is very easy to clean and maintain the surface. Its material is also antigenic, which allows it to be used in environments that require very strict hygiene.