More than 4 years ago, the PORCELANOSA group introduced a revolutionary material called "K-Life". It is an innovative concept that this material, with exceptional characteristics, offers us, it is antibacterial, resistant to stains and significantly improves the quality of the air where it is used.

This material, manufactured with Krion® Solid surface , is therefore a real technological breakthrough that allows to contribute to the cleanliness and quality of our environment every day. Whether in a home, a public space or a company office, it visibly improves the quality of life of its users without them noticing. Thanks to the concept of photocatalysis, K-Life improves air quality by neutralising nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and volatile organic compounds. In contact with any light source, this material, thanks to its unique properties, starts a self-cleaning and air renewal process.

K-Life® comes in white sheets of different sizes and thicknesses, like Krion®.

K-life outside

This technology is a major step forward in improving the quality of outdoor air. The use of K-life could contribute to improving our cities air quality and help reduce pollution. K-life could be installed on buildings, benches, tables or bus shelters. This would bring many environmental benefits by installing it, to passively purify the air in urban areas and city centres.

Various gases, such as nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and other organic volatiles are present in the air we breathe and can be potentially harmful to our health. When some of these gases come into contact with the K-Life, a chemical reaction occurs neutralising their harmful effects by producing harmless mineral salts and water in return. There are no limits to the outdoor use of K-Life and its effectiveness has been proven.

The use of K-life allows the creation of trendy and design-oriented spaces, in addition to its unprecedented environmental properties.

K-life Inside

In recent years, K-life has become increasingly popular in our kitchens, covering our old kitchen furniture to give it a modern, refined look and at the same time taking advantage of the unique characteristics of this revolutionary coating. It allows to purify the air of room without too much effort, while avoiding the use of external chemical agents which could pollute the surrounding air.

And why only in the kitchen? All our rooms have the right to be equipped with this material, which is why Vascoplan is committed to offering you washbasins, various furniture and accessories for your bathroom in K-life. Your bathroom is a space for relaxation and well-being, which means having a pleasant room with a healthy environment passively purified by K-life.

The benefits of k-life

Air purification

As mentioned before, many gases and fumes are harmful to humans and the environment such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and volatile organic compounds.

When K-Life comes into contact with these gases, a chemical reaction takes place which converts them into mineral salts and water. Laboratory tests carried out by prestigious external laboratories have proven that over 1 year, 1 m² of K-Life purifies the air breathed by 6.5 people.

When activated by light, it does not change its physical qualities, colour or properties. It is not a surface treatment that is applied to the material, it is the whole material that is active and acts as an air purifier without containing toxic or dangerous components.


Bacteria are present everywhere in our environment. They thrive in environments where they can grow, such as in porous materials, joints, hard-to-clean surfaces and humid environments.

Thanks to K-Life and the zero porosity of Krion®, bacteria cannot grow and are therefore eliminated. Tests have been carried out on some of the most well-known bacteria, such as E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus. In fact, they are eliminated to the extent of approximately 100% compared to any other material.

Self-cleaning and chemical-free

Corrosive or staining chemicals are eliminated by the simple contact with K-life. With K-life combined with Krion® there is no need to use detergents or other cleaning products!