It is often difficult to find the right bathroom furnishings.
In this article we have broken down all the elements that can be found in a bathroom.
What style? What colours? What materials?

And if you have a small space, it's imperative to make the right choice in order to save even the smallest amount of space.

The vanity units

The vanity unit often comes in two sizes, the double and single vanity unit. The double bowl sink is perfect for master suites or when you are many to use the bathroom, it allows an easier passage in the bathroom, by offering two water points in the room and thus the fact of being able to use the sink together.

In fact, the double basin vanity unit provides you with plenty of storage space, a large surface area to hold a large number of objects useful in everyday life and its layout makes it a practical and functional piece of equipment.

Although the double washbasin unit is often the first choice in our rooms, it is sometimes difficult to integrate it and to have enough space to put one in your bathroom. This is where the single basin unit comes in! Compact and adapted to small spaces, it offers a lot of storage space and is often more economical while keeping its practical, designer friendly and modern aspect looking.

The column to add storage

There are many beauty products in a bathroom. They need to be easily accessible as most of them are used on a daily basis.

With a shallow depth and small size, a column shelf saves floor space and allows you to have all your belongings within reach. Some models are equipped with a mirror in the front, which saves space and makes it possible to make 2 in 1.

On Vascoplan you will find our range of wall-mounted storage columns to optimize your space. Thanks to its material in Krion® or Corian® Solid surface its maintenance has never been so easy. In order to bring aestheticism while being above all practical, we propose you an open model or a model with a closed part which will allow you to hide the intimate products which you do not want to show.

Bathroom shelf

The bathroom shelf is often a plus for people who lack space for towels or non-essential items. This piece of furniture is important.

This piece of furniture must therefore be functional but must undoubtedly display beautiful decorative lines to remain in the tone of your room. It can even sometimes set the tone for your bathroom and yes, being quite imposing it will stand out easily, so you might as well choose it with care!

We recommend a corner shelf that lends itself to all styles. It offers discretion and efficiency while saving space in your bathroom.

The hand sink that goes everywhere

Its main advantage, as you might expect, is its ultra-compact size, which means that hand-washing units are mainly found in small areas such as toilets and washrooms. The mini format does not mean that you must give up on design. There are 3 options:

- The wall-mounted washbasin allows you to save space, generally oval or rectangular, it will bring you design and ease of maintenance while taking up as little space as possible.

- Mini basins are also available in corner models, ideal for optimizing the surface area of your bathroom.

- Hand wash basins on a pedestal or column will allow you to have storage space that is less practical and offers less room to store your belongings than the furniture we mentioned earlier. But if you are looking for space, this is the solution.

Suspended bathroom furniture