Building or renovating your bathroom can often be more expensive than you think, especially if you want to buy designer, top-of-the-range furnishings that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

It is important to set your budget before starting the work.

In this article we will outline the various important points to consider when setting your budget.

3 good reasons to transform your bathroom!

- Transform your space into a area to relax and of care.

The bathroom is a place where we spend a lot of time and if this space must be functional, it is also essential for it to be comfortable! In some cases, the bathroom has been 'sitting' for many years, which means that a lot of work is needed before you can get the bathroom of your dreams.

You will have to think about whether to have a shower or a bath, sometimes lack of space will leave you with only the shower as an option.

You can limit the work by choosing a shower cubicle. On the other hand, it is tempting to let yourself be charmed by the aestheticism and practicality of a walk-in shower! Ideally, you should choose a floor and wall covering that is in harmony with your shower.

The fittings you choose will also play an important role in the overall atmosphere of the room. There are now various trendy colours to match the theme you have chosen.

- Sanitizing and securing your bathroom

Renovating a bathroom is often an opportunity to refresh the space. Indeed, this very humid space is a favourable environment for the development of bacteria and moulds.

If you are affected by this problem, it is probably because your ventilation system is no longer working properly. It is also important to have all the pipes checked as they can also be the source of the problem.

- Optimising your relaxation area

As the price per square metre is becoming more and more expensive, the bathroom is often a room with little space. To make the most of it, opt for wall units with built-in basins.

The shower will certainly be less voluminous than a bathtub, but if you have enough space for the bathtub, the latter also allows you to take a shower!

What about the budget ?

The cost of renovation is variable and depends on a number of things.

For experienced DIY enthusiasts, the investment is usually around €700 (arround £590) per square metre, using mid-range furnishings and materials.

The advantage of working with a professional is that you benefit from the ten-year guarantee, which is far from negligible for a room where water is an essential element! In this case the cost can vary from simple to triple depending on the materials you choose. Prices generally vary between 1000€ and 3000€ per square metre (arround £850 to £2500).

Full or partial renovation?

Some bathrooms just need a little restauration if the room is healthy.

All you need to do is paint the walls with a special bathroom paint in a colour that suits you and matches the existing floor covering.

Choice of furnishings and sink

The choice of your sink depends on your desires, the configuration of your room and of course your budget!

There are two models:

- The freestanding single or double bowl sink which will be fixed to the wall and can be fitted with a lower shelf for storage.

- The built-in washbasin top is either floor-standing or wall-mounted.

- The storage columns are also very practical for storing beauty products.

We advise you to opt for a suspended washbasin if you want to gain space and ease of cleaning.

Choosing betwwen a bath, a shower or both?

As we have explained earlier, the choice of installing a bathtub often depends on the space you have in your bathroom.

If your bathroom is large and your budget allows it, choose an freestanding bathtub, it will give a great charm to your bathroom!

If your space is smaller but you still have the option of a bathtub, you should opt for a corner bathtub.

As far as the shower is concerned, there is nothing like an walk-in shower! There are now very accessible shower trays that allow you to create a walk-in shower very simply.

Choice of accessories!

Once your renovation is complete, you will need to budget for the finishing touches!

Mirrors: You can choose mirrors specifically designed for the bathroom with integrated lights or use more decorative mirrors to confirm the style you want to give to your relaxation area.

Accessories: A new bathroom is also about small accessories that we don't necessarily think about when we set our budget. Towels, towel dryers, soap dishes... are all products that will embellish your space.

To sum up, to establish your budget:

- Define the list of work to be done

- Get different estimates from professionals

- Don't hesitate to ask for advice from bathroom specialists

- Your budget will vary according to your choices, between 700€ and 3000€ per square metre.