Solid surface Corian® or Krion®, let's not forget that these are only brands and not the name of the material. Its name is solid surface or synthetic resin made of 2/3 of stone dust and 1/3 of acrylic resin without forgetting the little touch of colouring to make this modern material unique and stylish.

With its extraordinary characteristics and its ease of adaptation to all circumstances, it is obvious that the hotel and restaurant world would take possession of it in order to create customised and revolutionary products.

Modern and functional restoration with KRION®.

One of the advantages of the Solid surface KRION® and CORIAN® that makes them ideal for such intensive use is their ease of maintenance. Indeed, thanks to its non-porosity and its smoothness to the touch, this surface can be cleaned with unparalleled ease. Furthermore, we could also count on its antibacterial properties, its versatility or its fire resistance, to consider its use indispensable in food preparation and distribution environments.

In addition, design and aesthetics in restaurants and gastronomic areas are becoming more and more important. This is why the composite materials Krion® and Corian® with their comfort and quality are essential elements in the decoration of bars and restaurants.

In addition, KRION® and CORIAN® solid surfaces comply with the European food processing standards. They are therefore suitable for installation in food contact and food processing areas.

The advantages of the Solid surface

  • Strong and durable for life
  • Easy to clean and maintain in everyday life
  • Meets NSF/ANSI 51 certification for food contact
  • Thanks to a wide range of colours, it can be used to create unique, warm and attractive environments for everyone.
  • Mould and mildew cannot grow on this material.
  • Both Corian® and Krion® are stain resistant, as the material is non-porous so nothing can penetrate it. And if a discolouration occurs with too much harmful product on the surface, it is easy to sand it off.

Solid surface is a very low volatile organic compound (VOC) material, which simply means that it is free of harmful chemicals and will not release them into your home. Corian® and Krion® will therefore help to improve the air quality of your home. The Greenguard certification proves this.

The use of the Solid surface in catering

There are many uses for this exceptionally adaptable material in the catering world:

  • Bar or reception counters
  • Table, more precisely its top
  • Worktops for food preparation
  • Wall and floor coverings for their antibacterial properties
  • Partitioning in hygienic kitchen or sanitary areas
  • Storage furniture
  • etc.

First impressions are the most important

When your customer arrives in your restaurant, it is important to make a good impression so that they can be sure that they will have a good time. You need to convey an image of cleanliness that inspires good hygiene and care in the kitchen without forgetting the most important factor: design. The aesthetics will make a lasting impression and convince the customer that the place is great.

Solid surface will help you in this quest for customer satisfaction. With this highly malleable material you can create unique shapes, simple, quick maintenance and unmatched aesthetics.

Don't neglect any part of the restaurant - the arrival of your customer is the most important thing, but then you have to make them want to stay and even better to come back. The decoration of a restaurant must be coherent, which is why it is fundamental to take care of all the spaces including the toilets.

Then finally the space of pleasure and relaxation where you can sublimate your dishes thanks to the aestheticism of the room: the dining room. An unforgettable place that appeals to the senses in order to offer a pleasant experience to your guests. Coloured walls in Solid Surface, backlit tables, decorative shelves... All the details will make your room a place where people feel good.

 If you want to open or refurbish a restaurant, cafeteria, modern catering facility or bar, we invite you to contact us so that we can create your dream space.