Solid surface is increasingly used in environments that require cleanliness and anti-bacterial substrates. Dental surgeries are a major part of this, as it is important in this environment to respect strict hygiene standards.

Professionals want to work in the best conditions and adapt their working environments to be efficient. This is why the Solid surface makes sense, as it is possible to create completely customised furniture or worktops.

The different uses of the Solid surface in practices

Worktop: Solid surface is non-porous and anti-bacterial, making it impossible for bacteria to grow on its surface. In addition, thanks to its glue, which has the same composition as the Solid surface, it creates invisible joints that will not allow dirt to become embedded and will therefore simplify its cleaning.

Solid surface worktops guarantee a sanitised, sterile and germ-free surface which is simply perfect for use in dental practices.

The position of the basins/sinks that are to be fitted into the worktop must also be considered. In stainless steel or Solid surface, they can be placed exactly where you want them to be for optimal use.


Furniture: Furniture for dental surgeries requires a lot of drawers in order to store all the equipment. It is therefore often necessary to create custom-made furniture to optimise space. It is also necessary to think about technical storage that will simplify daily use, such as a waste bin built directly into the cabinet or automated electrical openings to optimise and simplify the use of drawers.

It is also possible to integrate tools so that they take up less space and simplify their use, such as ultrasonic tanks, cleaning trays, autoclave columns or multifunctional devices.


Floor and walls: Solid surface Corian® and Krion® are an ideal technical solution for covering the floor and walls of a sterilisation room. Thanks to the unique characteristics of the Solid surface, your walls and floors will be easy to maintain while providing a relaxing environment for the patient. Indeed, thanks to its soft and warm texture, anxious patients will be immediately soothed when they enter the room, which is essential in a dental sterilisation room.

New features for intensive use of the equipment

The Solid surface also makes it possible to add features that are essential for the intensive use of a worktop. A credenza called a filleted top, which has the particularity of being without joints or corners, which prevents the accumulation of dirt that would be difficult to reach during cleaning. In addition, it is possible to install this credenza on a wooden or metal worktop. It is also possible to create so-called drip edges that will retain liquids and prevent them from spilling onto the floor.

With the Solid Surface it is also possible to cut, glue, thermoform it according to one's wishes in order to create a tool that is perfectly suited to a health professional and more particularly to a dentist.

The advantages of the Solid surface :

  • Tough and durable for life
  • Easy to clean and maintain for intensive use
  • Thanks to its mineral composition, Solid Surface Corian® and Krion® can be easily repaired without altering its properties.
  • Thanks to a wide range of colours, it can be used to create unique, warm and attractive environments for everyone to enjoy.
  • Mould and mildew cannot grow on this material.
  • Both Corian® and Krion® are resistant to stains from aggressive chemicals, stains such as iodine and discolouration from medical products.
  • Solid surface is a very low volatile organic compound (VOC) material, which simply means that it is free of harmful chemicals and will not release them into your home. Corian® and Krion® will therefore help to improve the air quality of your home. The Greenguard certification proves this.

Thanks to the Solid surface, a complete customised layout that fits the structural constraints of your practice, without compromising hygiene, is totally possible. Please contact us so that we can create your project together. A single sketch is enough for us to create your dream space.