How to optimise your shower room in a small space?
Making the most of the space in your bathroom is never easy. Especially in a small bathroom, where we often wonder how we are going to manage to arrange the space in this room.

 We give you our seven tips:

1. Choice of colours / choose light colours

The choice of colours is a major element in favour of enlarging the space. Indeed, light colours are the essential elements to give a luminous and more spacious aspect to your bathroom. Choose light colours such as white, beige or other light shades on your walls, floor or furniture.

2. Use freestanding furniture to save space

Freestanding furniture is the ideal solution for small spaces such as your bathroom. They have many advantages: they are practical, aesthetic and make cleaning your bathroom easier by freeing up the floor. Choose freestanding basins, which provide both storage and free up floor space. The installation of a freestanding toilet also seems to be a good way to save space. The fact of having furniture without legs, gives the illusion of larger spaces and gives the appearance of a purified room.

3. Furniture with storage

Favouring furniture with integrated storage units saves space and optimises storage. Furniture such as Krion® floor-standing basins are ideal for maximising space. Their integrated storage units save space and storage space. Wall-mounted columns are also very practical and efficient elements for saving space and storage.

Building wall-mounted cupboards is one of the most effective and judicious solutions for not losing any space and for having a maximum of storage.

4. The mirror as a decoration

The installation of a mirror is essential in a bathroom. The mirror is an ideal solution to give an aspect of size and depth to a room. The mirror will reflect the light, which will give the room a more spacious look. In addition, adding a light fixture above your mirror will add brightness to your room.  Favour the installation of white LEDs, which will light up the room as much as possible.

5. Optimise every space with custom-made furniture