Floor tile

Tiles have been used for many years and have survived the test of time without going out of fashion. They are the most common material used to cover the floor of our bathrooms. It is possible to choose from a wide range of patterns and colours to create a unique bathroom floor. Today there are also so-called rectified tiles which have no visible joints. However, most tiles require a joint.

The advantages: a very good price for good quality tiles and a wide choice of colours and patterns. It is also very resistant to moisture and easy to maintain.

Disadvantages: Although it is resistant, it can still break, even if it is possible to come and change it, which is generally complicated. Also with water it can slip and resonate a lot with the noise of steps, be careful in a flat.

Natural stone

Natural stone is the luxury material for the bathroom, marble, granite or slate are noble and natural materials that have been enhancing the floor of our bathrooms for centuries now. It is also possible to install it on the wall for a shower or the walls of your bathroom which can be very aesthetic. There is also a wide choice of colours depending on the origin, the colours are different depending on the locality which gives a unique touch to your bathroom.

Advantages: Aesthetics is its greatest asset, it will sublimate your bathroom. Natural stone is also very resistant which will give it a long life with easy maintenance.

Disadvantages : Its price, of course a noble and natural material is quite rare which makes it a luxury material and therefore expensive. It depends of course on the type of stone and its origin, count between 30 to 1000€ per m². Its weight is also a disadvantage, you will have to be careful to have a resistant floor, for bathrooms on the floor you will have to be careful. Then, of course, it must be installed by a professional, as it is complicated and requires the use of heavy stone slabs.

It should also be remembered that for porous stones, a water-repellent treatment should be applied regularly to protect them.

Waxed concrete

For some years now, waxed concrete has been the leading product in bathrooms, with a modern and natural look. Its installation does not require any joints, which makes it more aesthetic than tiles. It is also possible to cover the walls, your shower and even your washbasin with waxed concrete to give a homogeneous look to your relaxation area. Think of combining waxed concrete and solid surface for your bathroom elements, it will give you a very modern and aesthetic effect.

Advantages: It is very resistant, easy to maintain as it has no joints and it is available in many colours which allows you to create a bathroom to your image.

Disadvantages: Concrete is porous, so you will need to protect it several times a year with a water repellent if you want it to last over time. Of course, it will have to be installed by a professional, and the installation requires a good mastery if you want a perfect result. And finally, as for the price, count on about 100€ per m².

Parquet flooring

Indeed, wood is not incompatible with the humidity of a bathroom, you just have to choose the right wood. Select an exotic wood that is rot-proof and you can install a beautiful solid wood floor in your bathroom. There is also a method of drying the wood, which makes it compatible with wood that is not resistant to water. However, you will need to select a wood species that is naturally resistant enough to withstand the test of time.

If you are handy and diligent you can assemble your floor yourself, which will save you a lot of money, but don't hesitate to ask a professional, as a badly assembled floor can be very problematic.

Advantages: parquet flooring will bring a very warm and aesthetic aspect to your bathroom, with a fair price which of course depends on the type of wood.

Disadvantages: Wood is fragile and will need regular maintenance.

Solid surface

The solid surface floor comes in the form of a large slab that can be joined together with an imperceptible joint to cover your entire bathroom. There are hundreds of colours to choose from, allowing you to create the atmosphere you want. Composed of stone dust and acrylic resin, it can look like stone without the disadvantages of weight or porous stone.

The advantages: Antibacterial, easy to maintain, wide variety of colours, very resistant and repairable if a shock were to break it, solid surface is one of the best compromises today to dress your bathroom floor.

Disadvantages : The price is quite high and can be compared to that of stone.