Krion Bath is a range of Systempool created by Porcelanosa. It consists of bathroom fittings ranging from bathtubs, basins, shower trays and bathroom furniture.

The range is inspired by nature, the lines and aesthetics are based on purity and minimalism to create modern and design collections.

In addition, Systempool uses the purity of its Krion solid surface to create innovative collections that adopt clean, elegant lines that fit perfectly into today's bathroom design.

Krion is a logical choice for creating a range of bathroom products inspired by nature. It is a recyclable material, does not emit volatile organic compounds, is very resistant, easy to maintain and repairable.

Double washbasin Pure

A range made of the perfect material, KRION®.

KRION® acrylic stone has unique characteristics due to its composition. Composed of 2/3 natural minerals, specifically bauxite dust which contains alumina trihydrate, and 1/3 high-strength acrylic resin, the mixture of the two makes it a material that is highly resistant to chemicals, fire or impact. The non-porous design of Krion® will also make it completely anti-bacterial, easy to clean and prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi on its surface.

The Krion® solid surface offers a wide range of colours which will also allow the Krion Bath collection to be available in many different colours. It will allow you to match your bathroom products to the world you want to give to your room without any difficulty.

Krion® bath collections and series

The Krion® bath range consists of many different series, each with its own special features, finishes or design that make them unique. From bathtubs to washbasins, shelves or shower trays, they all consist of a set of products that will enhance your bathroom.

The Tono line

This range, created in collaboration with the renowned architectural firm Foster+Partners headed by Norman Foster, is based on functionality. The elimination of superfluous details gives priority to functionality, without forgetting the form, is the phrase that defines this range. With high quality materials such as walnut or maple or stones such as limestone, marble and above all KRION®, which is its main material, it is a range with a wide choice that will satisfy the customer who wants a minimalist, pure and luxurious style.

The Almond line

The creation of bathroom elements never seems to end with the Almond collection, Systempool has completed one of the most sculptural collections in the Krion® Bath range with this collection. The evocative and dynamic lines of the bathtubs, semi-recessed basins or the floor-standing basin will add modernity to your bathroom and allow you to create practical and stylish spaces.

The great novelty of this range is the semi-recessed basin that can be installed with any material. Integrating perfectly with surfaces made of wood, glass, stone or Krion®, it will provide a very harmonious result, which will seem to be one piece.

Almond semi-recessed basin