At VASCOPLAN, we offer you SANYCCES brand fittings.

There are different types of taps: mixer taps, shower columns, floor-standing mixer taps, wall-mounted mixer taps, etc. We offer a wide range of SANYCCES models, so that you can find the one that suits your needs.

All the different models offered on our website are fully customisable in terms of colour. We offer various colours on our website: brushed gold, chrome, brushed grey, brushed nickel, matt black, brushed rose gold. Various colours so that you can match all types of models with your tastes and your desires in terms of decoration.

All our faucets are finished with an additional PVD film, which protects them from water and fingerprints. This makes them easier to clean and maintain.

What about the ecological point of view? We know how precious and precious a resource water is to us. That's why all the models we show you have been designed and manufactured with a firm commitment to finding solutions to combat the over-consumption of water and energy.

SANYCCES mixer taps. We offer various types of mixer taps, from simple taps to wall-mounted taps. It all depends on your wishes and your possibilities in terms of fixing and connection on the plumbing side.

Single lever mixers

In fact, for the installation of a simple mixer tap, you only need to install the mixer on the washbasin of your bathroom and then make the necessary water connections for its use. In this case, we offer you different models according to your wishes. Firstly, we have the LOOP mixer tap from SANYCCES. This normal sized mixer tap is ideal for everyday use, its slim and sleek design will blend in with any environment. The LOOP high mixer is a higher model than the usual mixers, it can be ideal in a kitchen or a laundry room for example. Its height makes it easy to use and can be quite practical in this type of room.

Wall mounted mixer taps