The shower in your bathroom is now the essential element that makes up every modern bathroom, whether it's a shower cubicle, shower tray or walk-in shower you have the choice to equip your bathroom.

Making a choice can be complicated as there are many different shapes and designs with very different prices. But why can prices range from ten euros to thousands of euros?

This is usually due to the cost of the raw material, whether it's a ceramic shower tray which will be more expensive, but also has many disadvantages such as strength. We will also find solid surface shower trays which are certainly more expensive but offer many advantages.

Indeed, solid surface is now one of the leading materials used in our bathrooms. With its high durability and resistance to impact, moisture and scratching, it will easily last over time, significantly reducing the risk of your shower tray breaking or cracking and causing irreversible damage to your tile, which would involve major costly work.

As you can see, solid surface can be used in many forms, but how can it be used to create a shower?

The shower floor

The floor of a walk-in shower needs to be flat, without steps, which is why many people think that a shower tray is not a viable solution, but I can tell you that it is! Solid surface shower trays are said to be extra-flat, which means that they can be embedded in the floor and be at the same level as your tiles for example. The advantage of a shower tray compared to a tiled floor is of course that it is made up of a single block which simplifies its installation. With a tiled floor, you need to create a good slope so that the water can drain properly, but with a shower tray, you just need to place it on a flat surface so that the drainage can take place properly.

If you don't want a shower tray, or didn't plan to dig a little deeper into the ground to install one, you can also create a shower tray from a 12mm solid surface slab. This is a costly solution as it requires many hours of labour, but it will provide unlimited choice as you can choose from hundreds of colours and make the size and shape you want.

As mentioned before, solid surface is solid, but not indestructible, a big shock could crack your tray, but it can be repaired simply with bi-component glue which also allows to make the imperceptible gluing that made the reputation of solid surface. A repair gives an invisible result that is as solid as the original.

It should also be noted that maintenance is very simple and that solid surface does not slip when in contact with water, which is a good advantage for a shower tray.

Recently, we have also begun to see shower trays with an integrated solid surface tray, which can be a good solution for small spaces.

The solid surface walls of the shower