Counter top basins

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    Lay-on basins are basins that are, as the name suggests, placed directly on a piece of furniture. This basin has several advantages since it can be fixed on any surface and that compared to a built-in basin it will not reduce the space inside the furniture. Combined with the modern and aesthetic sides that Solid surface drop-in basins bring you will sublimate your bathroom effortlessly! If you are looking for a stylish and modern way to enhance your bathroom, a drop-in basin may be the perfect solution. The drop-in basin is a bowl that sits directly on the bathroom counter, rather than being recessed into the top. This gives a unique and contemporary look that can transform any bathroom.

    The advantages of solid surface drop-in basins

    Countertop basins are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials. The most popular models are made of ceramic, glass, natural stone or metal. Some basins are adorned with patterns or decorations to add a little personality, while others are sleek and minimalist for a modern look. The advantages of a freestanding basin are numerous. First of all, they are easy to install. Simply place them on the counter, attach them to the plumbing and you're done. In addition, free-standing basins are easy to clean. Because they sit on the countertop, there are no edges or seams where dirt and germs can collect.

    The maintenance of solid surface drop-in basins

    With regard to maintenance, it is important to note that some basins require more attention than others. For example, a natural stone basin will need to be regularly treated with a sealant to prevent staining and damage. Similarly, a glass basin will need to be cleaned more often to avoid water marks and stains.

    Taking into account the space available and your needs

    If you are considering buying a freestanding basin, it is important to consider the size and shape of your existing countertop. Countertop basins can be quite large, so it's important to ensure there is enough space to install one. In addition, some basins are designed to be installed with a wall-mounted tap, while others require a tap mounted on the countertop. So it's important to consider these details when purchasing your basin.

    When it comes to style, there is a wide variety of choices available. Freestanding basins are available in modern, minimalist styles, as well as more traditional, ornate designs. Some basins are also available with patterns or textures to add some texture and visual interest.