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    If you want to create or update your bathroom without compromising on quality, you have come to the right place. We offer you various top-of-the-range products, created in our Vascoplan workshops, using synthetic resins. Among our numerous references, discover the Corian® sinks, with an aspect comparable to natural stone, recognized for their robustness, their ease of maintenance and their elegant design. .

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    Below you will find all the information you need to choose the right Corian® basin for your bathroom.

    What is Corian® ?

    Corian® is an advanced composite material invented by the Swiss company Dupont de Nemours International. This non-porous, homogeneous, coating material consists mainly of one third acrylic resin (PMMA) and two thirds natural minerals, the majority of which is alumina trihydrate (ATH).

    What are the benefits of Corian® for a bathroom design ?

    Corian® is gradually becoming a premium material in construction and architecture, especially if you want a designer bathroom.

    It offers a number of advantages:

    Solid and durable material

    Corian® is both solid and durable. Its composition allows it to withstand wear and tear of time, even in daily use. It is not susceptible to delamination, and is extremely resistant to shocks and impacts as well as to detergents.

    Non-porous and hygienic

    Its non-porosity makes it waterproof and hygienic, as its smooth surface is easy to clean and does not retain dirt: germs, bacteria and mould cannot grow on it. It should be noted that Corian® meets the international standard DIN EN ISO 846. This means that you can be sure that microorganisms and fungi will not grow on it.


    For maintenance, a simple abrasive cleaner and a pad are sufficient. And in the event of accidental damage, your basin can be repaired directly at home without having to replace the entire unit.

    Invisibles joints

    Gluing the Corian® parts together is more than sufficient and provides a seamless appearance. This seamlessness again reduces the growth of mould, especially in corners and splashbacks.

    Design and originality

    This thermoformable material allows the imagination of designers and creators to run wild. It is just as easy to work with as wood and is available in a variety of sophisticated colours. Corian® basins are clean and fit in with a contemporary style of bathroom design.

    The shapes

    The choice of shape depends on the layout of your bathroom, the space available, but also and above all on your taste. Basins and washbasins are available in oval, rectangular, square and round shapes.

    An ecological material

    Corian stands out for its ecological composition and its respect for the environment, as it is never thrown away but always reprocessed, repaired...

    Types of Corian® sinks

    The Wall-mounted Corian® sink

    The wall-mounted sink is a type of washbasin that can be placed directly on the splashbacks supplied with your order. The fact that it is suspended saves a lot of space with a completely free floor space.

    Corian® built in furnishing sink

    As the name suggests, this type of basin is placed directly on a piece of furniture (usually a shelf) or is built into it. Thus, you will have a space under your washbasin where you can store your bath or cleaning products and accessories.

    Corian® single sinks

    Consisting of a single sink and a tap, it is generally suitable for bathrooms with a rather small space.

    Corian® double sinks

    With two sinks and two taps, it is much more suitable for larger bathrooms and allows people living togther, for example, to have their own personal space.

    Vascoplan's advantages

    Made-to-measure: made in our workshop

    We offer you our expertise in the field of processing synthetic resins for your bathrooms. In addition to technicians and craftsmen specialised in the creation and installation of basins and bathtubs, we also receive advice from occupational therapists for even greater comfort. We adapt to your tastes and your choices to offer you a tailor-made experience that meets your expectations.

    Leaves factory within 4 weeks

    We commit ourselves to send your product from the workshop within 4 weeks.

    Free delivery

    Delivery is free from 600 pounds before tax.

    Our benefits for professionals

    We have not forgotten professionals such as architects, plumbers, interior designers, and many others. To facilitate your purchases, the products are presented with their prices before tax. You can also benefit from discounts and personalized choices of commercial offers. And finally, you will benefit from a dedicated follow-up to accompany you in the realization of all your projects.

    10 years experience in Solid Surface resin processing

    Vascoplan has more than 10 years of experience in the processing of solid surface resin. These years of experience have enabled us to create a multitude of unique, solid and elegant products. Our resin manufacturing process is one of the most advanced on the market, allowing us to manage our waste in the best possible way for a better respect of the environment.

    Partnership with the Corian® brand and the Krion® brand

    In order to offer you the best for your bathroom, we have chosen to establish a long-term partnership with the two leading brands Krion and Corian®. You can now enjoy all their new products.

    Since this year Vascoplan is Gold Associate Krion certified, a recognition of our know-how in solid surface processing !

    A very wide range and a great variety of choices

    With Vascoplan, your imagination is the only limit to your creativity. We have a wide range of products, in various shapes and colours. The quality will always be there, at a reasonable price and on time.

    Vascoplan is a French manufacturer of solid surface Corian®, known for the quality of its products.

    In our Corian® range, you will find different shapes of designer sinks. Our team is at your disposal to guide you in your choice.