Vascoplan now offers you the best of the Krion® brand.

Whether you are looking for single or double washbasins, wall columns, furniture or a Krion® drain, you are bound to find what you are looking for on the Vascoplan website. And these products are of course offered at very attractive prices.
If, on the other hand, you are a Solid Surface novice and are simply looking for information about this revolutionary material, we will present you with some of its characteristics and features.

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    What is Krion®?

    Krion® is a new generation material and a registered trademark of Krion® SOLID SURFACE S.A., a company belonging to the PORCELANOSA Group and developed by SYSTEMPOOL. This group, based in Villeréal, Spain, is best known for the high quality of its products in the field of ceramics and porcelain. Krion® is primarily a solid surface that is used in various areas and is particularly suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms. The material consists of two-thirds natural alumina trihydrate mineral, also known as ATH, and one-third PMMA (methyl methacrylate) acrylic resins. This mixture gives it various advantages and properties inherited from the minerals and polymers that constitute it.

    The properties of Krion®

    Krion® has the advantage of being as soft and warm to the touch as stone while being a new generation product with highly desirable properties.

    An antibacterial material

    Due to its non-porous, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature, Krion® is a natural barrier against all forms of bacteria, fungi and mould. This property is intrinsic to Krion® and therefore no additives are required. Krion® is therefore particularly suitable for rooms subject to humidity, such as bathrooms, where micro-organisms tend to proliferate. 

    Intense whiteness

    In its untinted form, Krion® can achieve an intense whiteness of up to 99.8% with a high reflection index. Whether it's a basin, a washbasin or a wall column, the object has a bright, clean, pure appearance.

    Fire resistance

    Products made of Krion® are extremely fire-resistant. In fact, they can be considered completely fireproof, as indicated by UNE-EN 13 501, a standard that classifies construction materials. It is classified as B S1 D0 y B1, which means that it reacts little to the presence of fire and does not allow fires to spread.

    An environmentally friendly product

    Unlike some other types of building materials, Krion® has the advantage of being fully recyclable and reusable at the end of its life.

    Excellent resistance to extreme environments

    Products made of Krion® are resistant to extreme environments. They can be installed in cold or intense heat, in a place with a high level of salinity or exposed to hot vapours.

    Easy maintenance

    Due to its non-porosity, Krion® is one of the easiest materials to maintain. A simple sponge and the K-Clean cleaning kit are usually sufficient to remove any stains from its surface. By extension, Krion® can be used in the most hygienically demanding environments.

    Low weight

    Compared to granite, marble, technical porcelain or other building materials, Krion® has a much lower density. This makes it lighter and much easier to install.

    An invisible joint

    If two parts made of Krion® are to be joined, the joints used are made from the same formula as the resin used for the parts. This ensures that the joints have physical and chemical continuity, making them imperceptible. This again reduces the risk of bacterial growth and maintenance.

    Good insulation

    Krion® is also known to have low thermal conductivity, thus contributing to the energy efficiency of the room in which it is installed.

    Good strength and durability

    Objects made of Krion® have good resistance to pressure and to various shocks and impacts. This makes it easy to transport, but also very easy to modulate. It can be exposed to sunlight and UV radiation without any effort or consequences. And finally, objects made of Krion® are antistatic and tend to be insulating materials.


    Krion® is a very versatile material, thanks to the purity of its white, which makes it possible to reproduce the colours of a backlight. 

    The different types of Krion® basins

    The Vascoplan catalogue presents a multitude of single or double Krion® basins and washbasins. The possibilities are numerous and adaptable to all your desires: rectangular, oval, white, coloured... the most difficult thing will be to choose!

    The technical characteristics of Krion® 

    Thickness and format

    Krion® is available in various formats and thicknesses. This can vary from 3 mm thickness with a format of 2550 x 760 mm to 19 mm thickness with a format of 3680 x 760 mm.


    Krion® products have various certificates, including, to name but a few:

    ● Greenguard Gold and Class A+ Labe l: meets indoor air quality standards for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

    ● NSF (National Science Foundation: it is safe and can be in direct contact with all types of food without any health risk

    ● Bisphenol A [BPA]: does not contain Bisphenol A in its chemical composition

    ● REACH: does not consist of any substances of very high concern [SVHC] [Substances of Very High Concern for Authorisation].

    ● Declare: the chemicals used in the manufacture of Krion® are included in the Red List Building Materials

    This list is not exhaustive, but gives you an overview of the main characteristics of this material.


    Krion® : for which projects, which sectors ?

    Because Krion® meets various standards and certifications in terms of hygiene, sanitation, safety, durability and engineering, it is currently used in many sectors. These include, for example, transport, hotels, health care, industry and catering.

    Its resistance to humidity and its elegant design also make it very popular with private individuals in high-end bathrooms.

    Colour for your Krion® basins

    Although intense white is the most common colour for Krion® basins and washstands, the material is also available in a variety of shades and tints, from natural to flashy. The more than 50 existing shades are classified into 5 categories:  

    ● Solid colours

    ● Translucent colours

    ● Colours with small grains

    ● Colours with large grains

    ● Colours with veins

    In short, if you want a modern, designer bathroom that is extremely easy to maintain, the special features of Krion® will not leave you indifferent!