Mirrors and lights

Our mirrors and lighting fixtures are designed to have a modern, minimalist feel to them to fit perfectly into any space!

Our mirrors are manufactured so that you can choose the exact size, please contact us for your requirements.

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    Choosing the Perfect Mirrors and Lighting for Your Home

    Understand the importance of mirrors in interior design

    Mirrors aren't just handy for getting ready in the morning; they can also transform a space. They reflect natural light, brightening dark rooms and making small spaces feel larger and more inviting. By choosing mirrors with or without integrated lights, you can adapt their use to your specific decorating needs.

    Select the appropriate luminaires

    The choice of lighting fixtures depends on the atmosphere you want to create. Mirror-integrated lights are particularly useful in bathrooms and walk-in closets where functionality is crucial. However, for living rooms or bedrooms, opt for lighting fixtures that complement the style of your furniture and mirrors.

    Combine mirrors and lighting

    When it comes to decorating with mirrors and lighting, harmony is key. Think about sets that complement each other. A large mirror with an elegant frame can be paired with soft lighting fixtures for a romantic touch, or with modern designs for a contemporary look.

    Where to place your mirrors and lighting

    Placement is crucial to maximizing the effect of mirrors and lighting fixtures. A well-placed mirror can reflect an attractive exterior view or highlight other decorative elements in the room. Light fixtures should be positioned to enhance overall lighting while accentuating architectural features and artwork.

    Various selections at Vascoplan

    For a varied selection of mirrors and lighting, visit Vascoplan. You will find a wide range of products adapted to all styles and budgets. Whether you're looking for a simple mirror to expand your space or a sophisticated fixture to add a touch of glamour, Vascoplan has something to meet your decorating needs.

    We are here to help you

    By choosing your mirrors and lighting carefully, you can not only improve the aesthetics of your home but also its functionality. Take the time to consider your needs and the style of your space to make the best possible choices. And don't forget, for a wide and quality selection, the Vascoplan store is your ideal destination.