Choosing your bathtub can be complicated when you are faced with nearly ten different materials. You might be wondering why this material and not another?
We are here to help you in your choice, and explain the different advantages and disadvantages of the different materials.

 The possible materials for your bathtub : 


Acrylic is the first material you will find. It is the cheapest material, and the most widely sold in all the major DIY and home furnishing stores. Acrylic is a light and economical material. It is thermoformable and retains the heat of water well.

On the other hand, this material remains particularly fragile, it is not very resistant to shocks, scratches rather easily and deteriorates easily if it is cleaned with detergents that are too aggressive. It can also be criticised for sometimes giving a cheap look.

The budget for an acrylic bath starts at around 200€ but the price can quickly increase depending on the size of the bath and the designer.

Waxed concrete

Concrete, usually waxed, can be made into a bathtub. It is generally used to make custom-made bathtubs, as it needs to be poured into a formwork. While the material itself is not particularly expensive, it is the skill required that will drive up the cost. Nevertheless, it is not resistant to stains, and maintenance can be complicated if the right products are not used. Beware, however, that the concrete bathtub is not suitable for all homes. You will need a solid floor to support the weight of the bathtub, which is around 600kg, not including the weight of the water inside once it is filled. The price remains around 300€.


Wooden baths as seen in chalets or in cold countries. Do you want an aesthetic bath with a warm style? Wood is a very good material, not only ecologically, but also as a good thermal insulator, so it keeps the heat in very well. So what is the disadvantage of wood?

Wood is difficult to maintain over the long term and is a very specific material when it comes to cleaning. It requires special products and tends to lose its shine and deteriorate due to limescale. The budget is also generally a brake because to have a wooden bathtub varies from 700 and can climb to 8000€, for a quality of solid wood. It all depends on what kind of wood you want for your bath, the price will vary accordingly.

The Solid surface