Solid surface is an innovative material with which you can let your creativity and imagination run wild. In order to show you the various possibilities that can be realised with Solid Surface, we will show you various examples of projects that have been made entirely with Solid Surface.

Staron solid surface table

Backlit furniture

Another original possibility with Solid surface is backlit furniture or walls. One of the special features of Solid Surface is that it can be translucent in certain colours or thin. Its technical quality allows light to pass through. The KRION® brand has a range called the Light Series, which has been specially created to create a multitude of exclusively backlit objects or furniture.

You can include lighting in your furniture or on your walls. Commercial signs such as nightclubs, spas or hotels mainly use this material because it allows light to pass through in a soft and diffused way while being original and giving free rein to their imagination. This technique is also appreciated in the context of the creation of reception desks, it allows the creation of aesthetic and surprising counters in KRION® or CORIAN®. 

A design table in Solid Surface

If you want a table that is out of the ordinary, with a particularly original design, this is possible with Solid Surface. The material is completely flexible and can be used to create extraordinary and unexpected shapes. The coffee table made of Samsung STARON has a futuristic and design aesthetic. The material makes it possible to create rounded, cubic, spiral or infinite elements without any joints or gluing. It is thanks to the technique of thermoforming, which consists of heating the material to a very high temperature, that we can then modulate it and mould it so that it takes on the appearance we want.

Garden furniture

Having a garden furniture made of KRION® is an original idea for your outdoor area. Indeed, this particularly resistant material is practical to be used outside. It will resist to bad weather and shocks. Solid surface is known for its resistance and durability. The advantage of synthetic resin is that it can be combined with other materials, such as wood, to create a harmonious look. Among the many advantages of acrylic stone, you can also note that it is UV resistant, which allows the material and its colour to remain unchanged despite the sun's rays. In addition, it is a fire-resistant material, which means that it is non-combustible by fire.

Stairs - slide in Solid Surface V-Korr

Stairs with slide

A staircase with a slide, made of synthetic resin, is an original idea of construction made with this material. A creative and atypical idea, to please young and old alike. Solid surface is ideal for use as a slide, as its soft and polished material is pleasant to the touch and does not burn the skin. It is not as cold as steel and retains the warmth of the environment in which it is placed.  It is also ideal for use in construction for the general public, as it is an anti-bacterial material and will therefore limit the growth of bacteria on it.

Inlaid drawings in your creations

Create shapes or designs directly within your furniture. This is possible thanks to the Solid Surface. Indeed, the technique of thermoforming allows you to make a multitude of personalized creations directly on your furniture, wall... Here is an example of a cow's head made directly on a commercial display wall. These drawings inserted within the creation, are conceived thanks to more or less deep tracings which thus makes it possible to create illustrations in relief.