Working with Solid Surface Corian® or Krion® allows for the creation of original and unique curves, allowing for the creation of the wildest ideas! It can be used in all possible forms, with this material there is no limit to the imagination!

This material, which is used more and more every day, is becoming a must in the creation of design furniture.

Solid surface is a non-porous material, which means that water, wine, ink and even the most harmful and staining liquids do not stand a chance against Corian® or Krion®. It will not degrade over time in the presence of condensation or moisture. The different parts are joined together with an adhesive that has the same colour and properties, allowing the construction of assemblies with invisible and solid joints. 

The absence of joints prevents yellowing or mould on the sides or in the corners or surface. Bacteria do not cling to the surface, which prevents their growth and makes it easier to clean. 

Solid surface is a hygienic material that does not contain any additives. It has long been used in places where hygiene is important, such as hospitals and laboratories. 

Krion® or Corian®, the brands of solid surface we use for our sinks, have been certified by independent laboratories for their antibacterial properties. 

To clean the surfaces, nothing could be simpler, with a sponge and soapy water, everyday stains will not resist. For more persistent stains, we have a page dedicated to the cleaning and maintenance of products in solid surface, do not hesitate to consult it. 

Our favourite material is warm and soft to the touch and has the ability to be non-slip which can be very useful for shower trays. It also takes the temperature of the room, so no more cold bathtubs or shower cubicles!

Synthetic resin is resistant to wear and tear and impact, making it a durable material over time. Combined with protection against ultraviolet rays and chemical aggression from detergents and acids. This material is classified as fire retardant European standard B, and therefore protected from fire thanks to its fireproof properties. It is ready to be there for you throughout your life!

Solid surface is 100% ecological

In addition to its mineral composition of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third high-strength acrylic resin, solid surface Krion® or Corian® does not emit volatile organic compounds that can be found in melamine-treated wood panels or other materials. During processing, unused scraps can be reassembled and reused for other projects. This makes solid surface a sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

The Krion® brand has succeeded in developing solid surface sheets in 40 different colours, made from recycled materials.  They have a minimum recycled content of up to 40% and are just as durable. 

With solid surface your bathroom will participate in sustainable awareness and innovation while maintaining a unique design and fresh lines.

With solid surface there are no limits to creativity

Krion® or Corian® solid surface offers infinite creative possibilities thanks to its properties: it can be cut, thermoformed, machined, engraved, glued....

It is very often offered in white finishes, which gives it purity and an unparalleled neutrality. This also gives it a high light reflection, but solid surface is also available in many other colours. The material is dyed directly in its entirety and, depending on its thickness, the sheets can be translucent and let the light through. With this feature, you can imagine a sink, shower wall or bathtub with backlit lettering or symbols.

Vascoplan offers you solid surface for all its collections of bathroom furniture, showers and bathtubs. We use this material in all its forms in order to offer you original solutions for your bathroom!