It is sometimes difficult to choose between a relaxing bath or an invigorating shower! The bath or shower must blend into your bathroom so that the bath is accessible, the space is optimised, and it enhances your bathroom.

The most important issue to consider is the size of the bathroom. In the case of a small wet room, it is perhaps wiser to install a shower. If the available space is insufficient for a bath, a shower will be the best solution. A bath can also be used as shower in which case, a transparent shower screen will be used to create the impression that the space is greater than it is.

In this article, we will present all the possibilities available to you to help you make your choice. The products we suggest are available on the Vascoplan website.

What are the benefits of a shower?

Studies have shown that the majority of British people prefer the shower to the bathtub because it is less time consuming and more convenient. It is true that the shower has many advantages such as:

- Saving space: Thanks to a shower in your wet room, you are able to save space, the bathroom must be functional and practical. The average size of a bathroom is usually 5 meters square.

- The design: Walk-in showers or the integrated shower tray brings a designer touch while remaining practical.

- Mobility: A shower is often more suitable for the elderly unlike a bathtub which demands extra physical efforts from its users.

- Price: Solid surface shower trays are systematically cheaper than bathtubs even with similar material amount and quality

- Installation: The installation of a bathtub can be more complex than a shower installation and demands more work, which will influence the price of the installation making it more interesting to install a shower.

The drawbacks of the shower!

If the shower is the choice for a large majority, it still presents some disadvantages.

- When you have young children, the bathtub is a must, whether it is for washing the children or for allowing time to relax and play!

- Who does not wish for a bath after a hard day’s work! We know that people who have a bathtub do not take a bath every day, but having the possibility to bath every day, to relax in a nice bath from time to time is a real a real benefit.

-  In most bathtubs, it is possible to take a shower, but in showers, it is impossible to take a bath. If you decide to sell your home, the absence of a bathtub can sometimes influence future buyers because the installation requires a lot of work that can be difficult considering the situation of the new owners.

- For the elderly or young children, nothing beats a bathtub. Indeed, showers considerably increase the risk of falls compared to baths.

The choice is often permanent which means due care and attention must be taken to choose between a shower and a bath.

The bathtub and its Benefits!

Let's move on to the bathtub, it's hard to deny the many qualities of the bathtub:

- The relaxing side: Taking a bath is undoubtedly a moment of relaxation and of relaxation.

- The practical side: In many circumstances the bathtub becomes almost indispensable whether it is to wash your pet or to indispensable, whether it is to wash your pet or your child.

- The design: Rectangular, oval, round, on foot or in angle; the bathtub becomes a decorative element in its own right. In case you have a large bathroom or a bathroom or a large master suite, you can choose to integrate the bathtub into you integrate the bathtub into your design with an island bathtub that will sublimate your space.

- A bathtub equals two possibilities: In your bathtub you can shower!

- Safety: The bathtub allows children to enjoy this moment of relaxation without without slipping.

- Real estate appreciation: A bathtub in a bathroom is often a plus and increases the value of your property.

The disadvantages of the bath

Despite its many advantages, a bath has some disadvantages:

- The space: Of course, a bath in the bathroom is often a loss of space compared to a shower which remains more open and smaller.
- Ecology: In most cases, a bath requires more water than a shower, even though a shower that lasts more than 10 minutes consumes as much water as a 200L bath.
- The price: A bath is often an expensive object, added to the installation a shower is shower is more economical.

You must therefore make a choice according to your criteria