For many years now, our trends have been changing regularly, but when it comes to decorating, we have noticed that one style stands out and remains timeless through the years: The industrial style! Whether in your kitchen, your living room or your dining room, it adapts perfectly to any space.

As you may have guessed, our bathrooms or shower rooms are places where industrial decoration takes all its meaning and easily reminds us of the old industrial factories. To help you in your future choice to make your bathroom look like a trendy old building full of charm. Vascoplan offers you to discover some tips to succeed in your decoration.

First, choose your favorite raw materials such as zinc, concrete, stone, wood or metal. The industrial style allows to diffuse a warm and modern atmosphere in the bathroom, by mixing a vintage style with a modern atmosphere.

The advantages of an industrial decor in your bathroom

This trend is of course inspired by the industrial era, this universal style is both cold and cosy. It is sometimes difficult to mix these two opposing styles, the secret to a perfect match and a successful industrial decor lies in the materials used.

Like a real factory, you must choose these three materials: wood, metals and concrete. This style is inspired by and seeks to recreate a paradoxical atmosphere of warmth and coldness that we could find in the 1950s, when industry was a great novelty and booming.

A definite advantage of industrial decorating is the spirit of recovery and DIY that is essential to the success of industrial decorating in your wet rooms. This encourages you to recycle old furniture or reuse old objects that would remind you of our old factories of yesteryear. The recycling aspect can be used to make your bathroom furniture or simply to recover pipes, light fittings, decorative accessories such as a stool or vintage taps. The aim is to transform your bathroom and add a new dimension with the addition of all these elements.

With the industrial style, don't forget to use your creativity. This is what will make all the difference and give you a sense of well-being. You can see that industrial decoration is cheap, raw materials, recycled objects and your creativity nothing to ruin you.

Don't forget that the industrial style in terms of decoration is not incompatible or even complementary with elegance and modernity. Indeed, it is necessary to know how to combine old and modern for a successful industrial decoration, that's why Vascoplan suggests these products in synthetic resin which will allow the combination of industrial and modernity !

Adding industrial decor

The design of your bathroom is crucial, adding decorations and objects in the right place can change everything. So, we have listed some additional things you need to do to have a beautiful industrial decoration:

- Opt for furniture with a history:

Adding wooden furniture has never hurt an interior design, on the contrary, wood is easy to integrate if it remains consistent. For a successful industrial style, add touches of solid wood to bring a rustic decoration. The patina and the aged look are part of industrial furniture.

For your furniture to give off authenticity, don't hesitate to use furniture with a history that will bring charm and a real added value.

- Choose a brick or stone wall:

To bring a maximum of cachet, you must locate the strong points of your bathroom, an apparent beam, pipes to be highlighted or a brick wall is the must have for a beautiful industrial bathroom. Indeed, brick is the symbol of industrial decoration. You can of course recreate a brick wall either with wallpaper or brick facings which will give you that unique look.

- choosing the right colours for your bathroom:

Industrial design is characterised by rather bold colours. For example, you will find natural colours such as rust, orange, red or ochre. But don't forget to add black, grey or white to make the compromise between authenticity and modernity.

- Sanitary ware for the industrial bathroom

The furniture is for us the pillar of the industrial bathroom. The bathroom furniture sets the tone for this vintage spirit from the outset, but your washbasin will bring the modernity and the final touch to your bathroom.

Solid surface bathroom fittings such as Krion® or Corian® are particularly suited to this style. The combination of wood and metal with the purity of the solid surface will give you the perfect combination of vintage and modern style you are looking for.

We think of our MODUL bathtub from KRION® with its metallic structure, ideal to perfect an industrial decoration.

Vascoplan offers you a wide range of Solid surface products to help you imagine and build your dream industrial bathroom!