Corian® is a material that is being used more and more in the world of kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and other architectural projects. It has seduced many people for years to buy their worktop in Solid surface Corian®. Indeed, thanks to its impressive characteristics, such as its ability to be thermoformed, cut and drilled, it can take many different shapes. This makes Corian® a material of choice and allows you to imagine and create your own worktop!

Reminder of the composition of CORIAN®

Corian ® is a so-called composite material since it is made up of several elements. We find in this material ⅔ of natural minerals more precisely bauxite dust and ⅓ of acrylic resin which allows it to be worked like wood and thus to give it original shapes. It is also possible to add pigments in order to give colour to this natural stone-like material.

The manufacture of a worktop in CORIAN® is ideal because this material combines robustness, diversity of colour, the seamless finish which facilitates hygiene and its ability to be thermoformed as you wish. Shock, impact and UV resistant, it will be your faithful servant for many years!

CORIAN® for a kitchen worktop

The selection of a Corian worktop will bring an ultra trendy touch to your kitchen furniture. In addition to its widely recognised anti-bacterial properties, you can obtain a custom-made L or U-shaped worktop with no visible joints. We also advise you to opt for a credenza with a clean break (angle of the worktop and credenza rounded for easy cleaning), this combination will ensure an exceptional finish while making cleaning easier.

The only downside to this material is its fire resistance (although it is still rated M1 in fire). Corian® can be heated to bend it into the desired shape, but it is difficult for a dish to be placed on the surface for too long after it has been baked. However, don't panic, a hot dish placed on the surface for a few seconds will not have a negative effect.

What do we mean by harmful effect? For light colours, Corian® will tend to yellow, so it's best to stick with the good old trivet!

Your Corian® worktop will live, scratch and sometimes stain, but the good news is that this can be remedied! We explain it at the end of this blog!

Styling your worktop

Vascoplan offers you all the colours of Corian® from natural colours resembling natural stones with vein details, speckled details that look exactly like marble, granite or even wood. For the more adventurous you can find bright, solid, translucent, pastel colours but also to match any interior subtle, neutral shades with black and even dark tones. If you want to add colour, you can choose from the bright Corian colour ranges in the plain or translucent collections if you want to decorate your worktop with LEDs!

Finally, we offer you the dark range, which is less suitable for kitchen worktops.

Unique and elegant curves

Create unique and exciting curves with CORIAN®, with the versatility of the Solid surface and its ability to transform under heat. Corian® can have rounded or square edges. With thermoforming, there are no limits to the design possibilities.

Long, straight curves will give your worktop a unique and trendy design style, while bringing warmth to your space and ensuring practicality and ergonomics for the whole family. With CORIAN® you can create everything you want!

Maintenance is easy with CORIAN®

A worktop made of CORIAN® Solid Surface can be finished in several ways, ranging from matt to glossy to satin, which is generally the recommended finish for a worktop. The glossy finish will be too sensitive to scratches, while the matt finish will be less affected by scratches but will not provide the smooth appearance we are looking for in a worktop.

However, as you use it, it will develop a patina over time. To keep it looking good for years to come, there are a few simple things you can do.

In general, a damp microfibre cloth and a standard kitchen cleaner are sufficient for cleaning.

In the case of stains on your worktop such as oil, grease, juice residues or any traces left behind when you cook use a standard household degreaser. Use circular motions and all traces will disappear without any problem.

For more advanced maintenance, do not hesitate to consult our page that explains how to care for CORIAN® products