The bathroom is a room that we use every day. It is important to feel good in it and for this reason we personalise it according to our tastes.

In this article, the Vascoplan team would like to explain why it is often wise to opt for a double washbasin. Whether you are a single person or a couple, with or without children, a double washbasin is already a must when thinking about resale! Don't hesitate for a second to install one when your space allows it!

Saving space

With a double washbasin in your bathroom you will gain in practicality, time saving and above all in space.

It is also a selling point when you decide to sell your property and television decoration programmes reinforce this choice.

It is not necessary to have large spaces to benefit from 2 washbasins, one meter twenty is enough. In addition to its functional aspect, allowing you to be two, you can also spend convivial moments there! No need to wait for someone to finish brushing their teeth to get to the sink!


The vanity unit, whether single or double, is an essential element of your bathroom decoration. The choice you make will give your space your personal touch! You can opt for a soft and romantic style by choosing rounded shapes such as the MOOREA model in Krion® from our range, or a more modern style by choosing the MELVILLE model in Corian®.

Colours can also bring an unexpected design, imagine daring to use blue such as the AGATE double basin in KRION® navy blue.

The bathroom is rarely very large, and the choice of functional furniture is often essential to optimise your space! You will need to find a compromise between a double washbasin that can be used on a daily basis and the aesthetic appeal you wish to give your bathroom.

Your double washbasin will therefore be the centrepiece of your bathroom. It's up to you to make the right choice! To begin with, make sure you choose the right colour for the atmosphere you wish to bring to your relaxation area. Choose white for a very clean design, an industrial or design look with a black double washbasin top or even an artistic spirit with blue, red or even pink colours! The diversity of colours and basin shapes allows you to design a double basin to suit your needs. Thanks to solid surfaces such as Corian® or Krion®, you can combine aesthetics and modernity and choose the colour you want to perfectly adapt your double washbasin to your bathroom design.


The piece of furniture that will come under your vanity top is probably the most important, whether your bathroom is small or large, it doesn't matter how big it is, the truth is that in a bathroom you are always looking to optimise space and gain in storage. Of course you have to take into account the style you want to give to your space and find the right compromise.

The aim of this piece of furniture is to have the items you use regularly within easy reach. The rest of your belongings can be stored in storage units that can be placed around it harmoniously. There are many solutions available to you, such as cupboards or other low units that can be used to store beauty products and household linen in order to keep you organised.

Of course, the number of cupboards will also depend on the available wall space. On Vascoplan you will find a wide range of furniture and wall columns to help you design your bathroom.

Freestanding or built-in double washbasin

The freestanding double washbasin is a real advantage to make your relaxation area aesthetic and add your personal touch. However, it will limit the storage space as it will be difficult to slide a piece of furniture underneath. It is nevertheless useful to specify that each freestanding basin top in Solid surface sold on Vascoplan are delivered with their fixings in order to be able to install it as easily and quickly as possible. You also have the possibility to install a solid surface shelf of the same brand and colour as your washbasin top, which will allow you to store many things.

Thanks to the built-in double washbasin you will be freer and you will choose your piece of furniture to be positioned in order to support your washbasin top. It will bring you a comfort and a considerable saving of time. Indeed, with two basins, you will be able to put many things on the top and to use the drawers of your piece of furniture at good escients.

In conclusion, if you live as a couple or have a large family, the double basin is much more practical than a single basin. To decide between the freestanding basin and the built-in basin, ask yourself the question: aesthetics or space saving?