Creating a Corian® countertop offers unparalleled aesthetic possibilities with bold, flexible and dynamic curves. With hundreds of colours available, it's impossible not to find one that suits you! Daily use of a countertop can tend to deteriorate over time, which is why Solid surface is resistant to heavy use and is appreciated for its antibacterial properties.

In this article we will explain why choosing Corian® for your countertop makes sense.

Unlimited possibilities

The colour palette of the Corian range is wide! The tones are in tune with the times. There are marbled effects that will sublimate a bathroom or a kitchen that are very trendy at the moment, as well as plain colours that are easier to integrate.

The transformation of Corian is the same whatever the colour you choose

Unlimited possibilities

Corian® has many advantages:

- Antibacterial
- Stain resistant
- Repairable
- Easy to clean
- Non-porous
- Scratch and stain resistant
- And many more (link to the "advantages of solid surface" guide)

It is therefore not surprising that this material is used to make countertops.

In terms of design and aesthetics, Corian® offers a wide range of colours, from imitation textures (marble, stone, etc.) to the more popular acidic fluorescent colours and plain colours. The colour is not just on the surface, which means that it is possible to engrave in the material without any difference in colour on the outside and in the core. It is also possible to glue several elements together without visible joints thanks to the two-component adhesive developed in the same way as Corian®.

If you wish to incorporate a basin into your countertop, it is possible to do so. The basin is made of the same material and is assembled in such a way that it blends in with the top to make a single piece. However, you should know that the basins are only available in white, but there is nothing to prevent you from creating a harmonious ensemble with a coloured top and a white basin.

Comparison with other materials


Wooden countertops are probably the most common and are very effective in bringing warmth to your living space. Choosing wood is often choosing ecology, if the wood is nearby and comes from responsibly exploited forests.

Resistant and renewable, your countertop will still require regular care and will wear out more quickly than the solid surface Corian. Indeed, scratches, heat or humidity will not be a good match. You should therefore think about renovating it regularly.

The stone

Stone is probably the most stylish material and the one that will come closest to the Solid surface. Very popular for countertops, its timeless and hard-wearing appearance gives a raw style to the countertop and to the space in which it is displayed. As for ecology, like wood, you have to pay attention to its origin. A product coming from nature always has an impact, but apart from a major shock that will break your countertop nothing will make it move from its place.

Very resistant in everyday life, the stone countertop will not like scratches, shocks and will not offer you as much choice of design as you can have with the Solid surface.