A short definition of solid surface, often called Corian® or Krion®, refers to the trademarks and not the material. The composition of solid surface is as follows: bauxite dust (it is a mineral) mixed with acrylic resin. Thanks to its composition, this material has exceptional properties, which soon made it possible to meet very strict sanitary requirements and opened the door to the world of modern architecture, both interior and exterior. Thanks to its versatility, solid surface allows infinite possibilities.

The different applications in architecture

Interior design

With Krion® and Corian® it is possible to design a whole interior. Let's start with the interior flooring, which is widely used in the catering and hospital sectors due to its antibacterial properties and ease of maintenance. It is not strange to find solid surface flooring in our homes either, as it provides real design and outstanding functionality (anti-bacterial, shockproof, scratchproof, heatproof, etc.). 

Find in your home vanity tops, furniture, shower trays, bathtubs in solid surface that will sublimate your space and allow you to design your home in a personalized and unique way.

Solid surface architecture in the kitchen

This revolutionary material is distinguished by its qualities, generating numerous benefits for the home and the environment. In your home, and more specifically in your kitchen, the solid surface in the form of worktops, washbasins, furniture, etc. will help improve your indoor air, reduce the use of chemical cleaning products and, above all, prevent the proliferation of pathogenic agents such as bacteria, mould and fungi. You can cook on your worktop without any hygiene problems. Solid surface is without a doubt the best material you can choose for your kitchen, and a choice of more than a hundred colours will bring you modernity and allow you to have a unique kitchen.

Solid surface in your bathroom too

Your bathroom is probably the most intimate place where you like to be alone. It therefore needs to be clean, durable and well maintained.  Solid surface is a more than environmentally friendly material. This material will give you all the softness and smoothness you desire in a relaxation area. With its non-porosity and soft touch, it can be used in all shapes and forms so that you can put it everywhere: your bathtub, your shower tray, your washbasin and even your custom-made furniture!

How about in your room?

As you may have guessed, solid surface can be used to cover your walls to bring elegance and a unique finish. Krion® and Corian® are constantly evolving to bring new technologies to your home. With Krion® Fitwall® you can cover your walls to create realistic and durable textures and reliefs to bring character and identity to your room, create custom bedside cabinets or dressers - anything is possible!

Outdoor architecture

Today's most demanding architects are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.  Designing and constructing a building with sustainable materials does not mean giving up spectacular design or beautiful finishes worthy of the world's greatest buildings.

 In addition to its real advantage in the aesthetics of a façade, solid surface provides excellent thermal insulation due to its non-porosity, which considerably reduces the energy consumption of a building. We can also add that its composition gives it surprising qualities: resistant to UV rays which means that it will not bleach after many years exposed to the sun, resistant to extreme climatic conditions, it will not deteriorate in the face of extreme heat and even fire.

The solid surface has nothing to envy to other ecological materials since, contrary to wood, this material is not conducive to the appearance of fungus or mould and you have understood, it is not vulnerable to fire!

Stone is probably the material that most resembles solid surface Krion® or Corian®. Reusable, recyclable and resistant it is true, but it is unfortunately difficult to work with, which brings additional difficulties of adaptation in the exterior architecture of a building.

Krion® and Corian® are 100% recyclable materials that have been revolutionising the world of modern architecture for some years. Being an easy to repair and maintain material with excellent qualities it can be thermoformed, moulded, machined and sublimated. It can be cut and worked like a piece of wood, allowing you to create a unique design! Solid surface is the ultimate sustainable material, which combines the advantages of all materials used for sustainable facades and displays others, which make it one of the best solutions for unique architecture.