Corian® has been a reference in the design and manufacture of the most demanding healthcare environments for many years. This includes pharmacies, due to its unique characteristics.

Unique characteristics

- Simple maintenance that does not promote the development of mould if properly cleaned.

- It does not allow the growth of bacteria and fungi on its surface and is LGA certified according to the European standard DIN EN ISO 846.

- Corian® is resistant to stains, impacts and heavy use.

- Both the surface and the core are non-porous, which gives it a smooth, even appearance.

- It is very easy to repair and renew.

- It is GREENGUARD certified as a low VOC material.

- If it comes into contact with moisture, it is a non-slip material.

- There are a large number of colours to choose from in order to achieve the desired design.

- It can be used to create large ensembles thanks to its adhesive composition, which is similar to the Corian surface.

The applications

The unique structure of Corian® makes it the ideal option for the design of pharmacies, it is suitable for all uses with intensive use as in pharmacies. The main uses for Corian® are

- Counters and reception desks, it is indeed essential especially in a pharmacy and parapharmacy to take care of the customer reception area. It is a place that is subject to microbes and bacteria and therefore requires very strict maintenance to reassure the customer. Thanks to its non-porous surface, Corian® simplifies cleaning and gives the appearance of a space that is always very clean. It is also anti-bacterial, which is a real plus on a counter where dozens of people pass by every day. For design, Corian® will allow you to create the countertop you want even with very difficult shapes that could not be achieved with a conventional material. It can be shaped by thermoforming or gluing it to the same material as the surface, making the joint between two parts invisible.

- Corian can also be used in the corridors and walls of a pharmacy, as it is very resistant and will protect the more fragile walls from the passage of wheelchairs or blows that may be caused accidentally.

- For product display shelves and gondolas, Corian® will enhance parapharmacy products with its many available colours and modern look. It is also possible to create entirely customised shapes with the possibility of shaping and thermoforming the Corian solid surface as you wish.

- The floor covered with Corian® will be very hard wearing and easy to clean, resisting stains from Betadine, methyl violet or any other product that can seriously stain any type of surface.

- It is also possible to create an exterior cladding, resistant to all weather conditions and simplifying maintenance for a very clean appearance of your storefront all year round.

The colours

In a health care facility, including pharmacies, it is not always pleasant to be in, so it is very important to create pleasant and functional spaces. To help you with this, the colours offered by Corian® can make a real difference to the well-being of your customers and staff.

Use neutral colours such as white, grey and beige in fairly small spaces, as they will help to visually enlarge the room so that you don't feel too confined. Very light colours such as white or off-white are very popular in hospitals, but also in pharmacies as it evokes a feeling of cleanliness and instantly reassures patients or customers. Grey will help to reduce stress, and is perfect in quiet, subdued spaces to help the customer relax.

Next, we can find pastel colours, blue and pale pink are very much used for children, in a pharmacy it will help to highlight products for young infants to toddlers. Bright colours can also be used for this, they will catch the customer's eye quite easily.

If you want to create or renovate a pharmacy, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you in the design and creation of your new space.