The solid surface Corian® or Krion® are still proving their worth in the world of nautical design, both indoors and outdoors.

In this sector, it is essential to create optimised spaces in order to gain maximum space and functionality. This is why architects and designers specialising in the nautical sector are increasingly using the solid surface to adapt the elements to life on board.

Benefits of using Corian® and Krion® in the marine industry

Non-porous: thanks to its composition of stone dust and acrylic resin, the solid surface is non-porous, which means that it is not affected by moisture, ideal for life on a boat.

Tough and durable: Corian® and Krion® will withstand exposure to sun, salt, wind or severe weather conditions. In fishing boats, the solid surface will withstand heavy use, such as knives and bumps.

Antibacterial and easy to maintain: Synthetic resin is practical in everyday life, easy to maintain as stains do not cling to the surface, it can be cleaned simply with a sponge. Its surface is also antibacterial and does not encourage the development of mould or fungus.

Colour and aesthetics: In luxury boats such as yachts and cruise ships, aesthetics and design are paramount. That's why Corian® and Krion® come in hundreds of colours to suit any desire and project. It can also be thermoformed to create very modern shapes that will fit perfectly into the design of luxury boats.

Almost unlimited versatility